Classic Jungle Adventures

    (AC, 2006)

Jungle settings have always been popular in comic books. They’re rife with opportunities for action involving lions, tigers, and other savage creatures, and they also offer an easy way to show men and women—especially women—in little scraps of leopard-skin clothing. This trade paperback provides a text overview of the history of jungle comic books, primarily the genre’s heyday in the 1940s and 50s. Black and white reprints feature not only well-known characters like Sheena, but also obscure ones, either Tarzan-like (Tabu, Thunda) or Sheena-like (Camilla, Jungle Lil).

This lovingly researched collection is both informative and fun, a reminder of a genre of comics that’s been largely forgotten today. Bill Black edited the project; Matt Baker and Frank Frazetta, among others, chip in some art.

— Andy Richardson

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 Matthew Gore, Bill Feret, Bill BlackMaurice Whitman, Alex A. Blum, Robert Hayward Webb, Ralph Mayo, Frank Frazetta, Matt Baker, Edmond Good, Bob Powell, Don Heck