Nog a Dod

 NOAD   (Conundrum, 2006)

and Conundrum, Respective Creators

A hefty compendium of egalitarian art: mostly sketches, a few colleges, and even a bit of prose, almost all of it with a cartoony bent. Its pretty stream-of-consciousness, and thus thick wading, but devoted fans will enjoy that. It is, after all, a product of Marc Bell, who has compiled works like this before. Imagine a creative compendium of an entire high school class, and youd end up with something similar. Pure artistic musings.

Brendan McGinley

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ca. 2006Jason McClean, Peter Thompson, S.P. Ehman, Kurtis Interruptus, The Ferlinghetti Gobblah, Mark Connery, Marc Bell, Scott McIntyre, The Canadian Clean-Up Crew, Tommy Lacroix, Amy Lockhart, Owen Plummer, Bucky Fleur and Her Sister, Maura Doyle, Andrew Dick, Julie Voyce, Tara Azzopardi, Dirty Debbie, Scott Evans, Carrie Walker, Jay Issac, Jonathan Peterson, Robert Dayton, Keith Jones, Peter Dako