Giant-Size Wolverine

 GISK   (Marvel, 2006)

ô and ©2006 Marvel Characters, Inc.

A spacecraft crashes in the middle of the night in North Dakota, leaving the charred remains of what can only be an alien being. That being, though, appears to be alive, and healing. Heís also got three big claws on the back of each hand. As Wolverine adjusts to his surroundings, he discovers a small-town mystery thatís as terrifying as anything heís encountered before.

The lead story in this giant-sized (hence the name) one-shot is a horror yarn creepily written by David Lapham and drawn by David Aja. Itís backed up by reprints of X-Men #6 and #7, by Scott Lobdell and Jim Lee, in which Wolverine battles one of his most hated foes, Sabretooth.

ó Andy Richardson

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Reprints X-Men #6 and #7David Lapham, Jim Lee, Scott LobdellDavid Aja, Jim Lee