Elektra: Glimpse & Echo

    (Marvel, 2002)
™ and ©2002 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Daughter of a Greek diplomat, Elektra Natchios met and fell in love with a pre–Daredevil Matt Murdock while they were college students. When her father was murdered before her eyes, Elektra was steered down a dark road and eventually became a deadly, heartless assassin–for–hire.

In this mini–series, artist/painter Scott Morse tells a rather spiritual story of Elektra’s family roots. Guided by enemies from her old assassin guild, The Hand, Elektra is drawn into an investigation of the death of a jazz musician admired by her father. The murdered musician, Buddy Crawford, is survived by his son Lyle, whose story seems to echo Elektra’s own. Was The Hand involved with the death of Elektra’s father, as it was Lyle’s?

This story is out of character for Elektra, portraying her as human and even sentimental involving memories of her father. The tale is not complimented by Scott Morse’s messy art, which is a messy cross between Picasso and expressionism.

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