Femforce: In Living Color

 FILP   (AC, 2006)

™ Americomics, ©2006 AC Comics

In the 1990s, the “bad girls” craze—comics featuring scantily clad women who motivated by evil or at the very least selfish interests—threatened to take over the world of comics. Fortunately, there was still a corner of that world devoted to the longer-lived and more innocuous “good girl” art, which featured similarly voluptuous females wearing equally small amounts of clothing. These females were generally good, or innocent, and there was more of a cheeky good humor to the whole thing. Women frequently ended up fighting women, or nearly falling out of their clothing, but it was harmless. And the super-team known as Femforce was one of the best-loved examples of the genre.

This trade paperback collects some of the original issues of Femforce, reprinting those adventures in full color. The heroines are frequently archetypes—She-Cat, Ms. Victory, the Jungle Girl, etc.—and battle aliens, evil Valkyries, and often their own inner feelings. Creators include Bill Black, Mark Heike, Dave Roberts, and many others.

— Andy Richardson

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ca. 2006Mark Heike, Bill Black, Don SecreaseDave Roberts, Brad Gorby, Bill Black, Chris Allan, Nick Northey, Bill Lux, Richard Rome, Eric Coile, Don Secrease