The Book of Legion

    (Boneyard, 2003)
™ and © Boneyard Press

The Book of Legion is the prized possession of The Mad Priest, who reads three chapters. The selections are, frankly, disappointing.

Two start out strongly but quickly take turns for the worse. “The Battle,” by Mojica and Helkowski, shows promise as well as the best art in the issue — for the first half of the story. Then it changes gears (and, apparently, artists) and loses all interest.

“He Who Laughs Last” by Thorn is a prose story illustrated by Mantis. It is probably the strongest overall piece in the book, despite a weak ending. It holds its own for the better part of the tale but abruptly ends on an anti-climax.

“The Smell” may be the weakest overall but at least it is consistent. It reads like a submission to an old E.C. horror comic book. Had it actually been submitted, it might not have been selected, but one can see how it fits their style. It is told in an annoying voiceover with pedestrian art and no backgrounds. There is a telegraphed “surprise” ending, similar to many E.C. tales.

Adding insult to injury, pages are out of order. The framing sequences intended to follow the second and third entries both appear before the second. This does not seem to be a printing error, based on the fact that pages “21” and “23” clearly belong well after “29.”

The stories fail to grab, and the pagination screw-up is the final nail in this coffin.

— Jack Abramowitz

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 Ryan Mojica, Rev. Thomas ThornRyan Mojica, Karen Rakel, James Helkowski, Mantis