Bit Torment

    (Antarctic, 2006)
™ and ©2006 Wes Hartman and Brian Denham

The dangers of virtual reality are explored in this futuristic series from artist Brian Denham and scripter Wes Hartman. Programmer Cynthia Weir has developed the Virtual Existential Reality Network, an online world that citizens can visit to escape from the real world. Thanks to a greedy corporation pushing for an early release, V.E.R.N. is made available before its safety can be ensured. Catatonia and deaths aren’t the only hazards created by this virtual reality, however. It also leads indirectly to danger for Weir as temptation, greed, and the need for control over the masses lead to some real world troubles.

— Colin Chan

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 Wes HartmanBrian Denham