Phoebe: Angel in Black

 PAIB   (Angel, 1997)

™ and ©1997 Angel Entertainment

The popular fixation on angels and celestial spirits is one of the more tiresome qualities of the pre-millennial culture, and it certainly makes a curious topic for an allegedly “mature-themed” comic such as Phoebe: Angel in Black.

Selena Walters, who sleeps in very sheer and sexy underwear, is troubled by bad dreams and visions. Five pages later, an angel with great cleavage reveals herself to Selena. She convinces Selena, over several pages of sketchy art and ponderous dialogue, that she’s there to lead her on a spirit quest. “Oh what could it be and when does it start?” wonders Selena, reclining in a full-page spread that shows off her glorious lingerie. Readers dying to find out are urged to consult the rest of the series.

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 Lois SanbornNirut Chamsuwan