Grunts (Arcana)

    (Arcana, 2006)

France. World War Two. A division of American grunts, just your common every day variety soldier, manages to make their rendezvous only to discover four German “super soldiers” quickly wiping out everyone in sight. And in order for their top secret project to be successful, there can be no witnesses.

Shannon Eric Denton and Keith Giffen have pooled their combined talents to bring us a story of how people get along, how group dynamics can change in a heartbeat, and how when faced with just plain evil, every day types can band together and get the job done.

— Ron Black

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3 copies available from $2.50
 Shannon Denton, Keith GiffenMatt Jacobs, Eric Spikes


3 copies available from $3.75
ca. 2006Shannon DentonMatt Jacobs


3 copies available from $0.99
CA. 2007Shannon DentonMatt Jacobs

Book #1

1 copy available for $4.50
Collects Grunts (Arcana) #1-3; ca. 2008Shannon Denton, Keith GiffenMatt Jacobs

Book #1 (2nd printing)

No copies available
 Keith Giffen, Shannon DentonMatt Jacobs