Wolverine: Blood Hungry

 WOB6   (Marvel, 1993, 2002)

™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

The island of Madripoor is—to borrow a phrase from George Lucas—“a…wretched hive of scum and villainy,” and in the middle of this cesspool stands everyone’s favorite feral X-Man. This squarebound one-shot collects the Wolverine serial from Marvel Comics Presents #’s 85-92 and finds our razor-clawed hero facing Cyber, a cybernetically enhanced super-villain who hopes to use an illicit super-drug to turn crime lord against crime lord and gain control of a ready-made criminal empire. But the real goal is to take on Wolverine and remove him from the Madripoor scene. However, Wolvie’s lover, Tyger Tiger, might have something to say about that.

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Collects #85-92 of Marvel Comics PresentsPeter DavidSam Kieth

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Reprints from Marvel Comics Presents #85-92Peter DavidSam Kieth