Blair Which? (Sergio Aragonés’…)

 BWSA   (Dark Horse, 1999)

™ and ©1999 Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier

Burkittsville, Md. is a happy little town surrounded by a deep, dark forest. Actually, the forest is a happy place too, but don’t tell that to the three clueless film students who set off to explore the legend of the evil forest witch. As they blunder lost, alone, and off-panel, a troop of Boy Scouts packing cell phones, lap tops and camcorders head off on a camping trip that one of them plans to turn into a documentary. Meanwhile, the townspeople prepare for what they think will be a windfall from Hollywood people making a movie starring Kevin Costner and Meryl Streep.

This parody of the surprise film blockbuster The Blair Witch Project is cute, simple, and deftly handled artist Sergio Aragones and writer Mark Evanier.

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 Mark EvanierSergio Aragonés