Lazarus Chronicles

    (Amryl, 2006)
and 2006 Rob Durham

Writer and artist Rob Durham offers up his take on the zombie tale with this book that follows a pair of survivors amidst a plague of the undead. Teenage Jenn comes across an older gentleman named Chris while fleeing from a group of zombies. Together the two hide out from the ghouls and looters and eventually come across some other uninfected humans. Durham indulges his desire to illustrate armies of walking, rotting corpses, zombies being shot in the head, and ordinary folk getting chowed down. He also offers his own take on how a zombie plague would begin.

Colin Chan

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3 copies available from $3.50
B&WRon DurhamRon Durham

Special Edition #1

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Special Edition; Includes Certificate of Authenticity; B&W; ca. 2006Ron DurhamRon Durham