Dark Horrors

    (Arcana, 2006)
™ and © Arcana Studio

This digest-sized title from Arcana Studio contains a variety of stories that feature everything from malevolent space aliens to shambling, slavering zombies. The art styles are just as diverse in tone and talent. There is even a bizarre romance-horror story that evokes the look of Millie the Model by newcomer, Janet Heathington. Many of the stories are from talented amateurs who submitted stories after an open call on the company’s message board. An adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Tell Tale Heart is the most traditional horror story and the one that is most satisfying. Arcana also used the title to promote some of its other books, such as Koni Waves, a titillating title set in Hawaii whose star, private detective Koni Kabawai, is an ex-cop, ex-pole dancer dealing in the supernatural side of paradise.

— George Haberberger

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ca. 2006Mark Poulton, Ronn Sutton, Vim Wheelock, Jon Hook, Ron Fortier, Kenneth Olson, Ben Fisher, Chris Lynch, David Hopkins, Aaron Thomas Nelson, Jeff Loew, Crisman Strunk, Dwight L. MacPherson, Janet L. Hetherington, James Nadinger, Robert Burke Richardson, Gerrin TramisJon Landry, Ronn Sutton, Vim Wheelock, Ryan Sergeant, Thomas Floyd, Chris McJunkin, Mike Henderson, Stuart, Zees, Gervasio, Oscar Capristo, Ferdinand Manalansang, Declan Shalvey, Janet L. Hetherington, Brandon Buttrey, Sham Bhuiya, Gerrin Tramis


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B&W; ca. 2007Gerrin Tramis, Ed Quinby, Phil McClorey, Jason Whiton, Bart A. Thompson, Dan Fleming, Michelle Everaert, Miguel Angel Caceres, Dave Collins, Scott O. Brown, Egg Embry, Robert Tinnell, Robert J. Parizek, Jonathan BaylisRussel Roehling, Ed Quinby, Johnny Whaam, Jason Hanks, Ezequiel Pineda, Nicolas Colacitti, Kelly Everaert, Miguel Angel Caceres, Grant Lawley, Lalia, Paul Tucker, Orlando Baez, Craig Shepard, Chris Kohler, David Beyer Jr.