Okko: The Cycle of Water

    (Archaia, 2006)
™ and © Archaia Studios Press

From the Publisher:

Year 1108 in the official calendar of the Pajan Empire. This turbulent age, often called the Asagiri Era, or the Time of Mists, saw the great clans wage decades-long wars in an attempt to seize power.

Far from the fields of battle, Okko the ronin heads a small group of demon hunters, wandering the realms of empire. He is accompanied by Noburo, a mysterious giant who hides his face behind a red mask, and the whimsical monk Noshin, the saké lover with the power to summon and commune with the spirits of nature.

When Tikku’s sister Little Carp is kidnapped by pirates, the young fisherman enlists the group’s help in finding her. But the quest has a price, and leads our four heroes much farther afield than they’d ever imagined…

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