Mischief & Mayhem: Winter Fun Special

 MMWS   (Antarctic, 2006)

™ and © 2006 David Hutchison

When Mischief and Mayhem watch a Christmas movie, they’re suddenly inspired to visit the North Pole for an up-close-and-personal look at the jolly old elf. This might seem like the set-up for a sweet and loveable Christmas tale, but, Mischief and Mayhem aren’t your average little girls. And this isn’t your usual Christmas story. Consider the following decidedly un-sweet and un-holiday-like elements: Santa’s head in a jar, chainsaws, swords, nuclear bombs, and inhuman creations worthy of Dr. Frankenstein. You may never look at reindeer the same way again.

— Lorie Witkop

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Flip cover, both sides with barcodes; B&WDavid HutchisonDavid Hutchison