Soulfire: Chaos Reign: Beginnings

 SCRV   (Aspen, 2006)

™ and © 2006 Aspen MLT, Inc.

Soulfire was originally scheduled to be published by Top Cow, but creator Michael Turner began his own company, Aspen MLT, and gave it a brand new home.

Not quite a sequel to the Soulfire: Dying of the Light limited series, Chaos Reign takes readers back to the primal beginnings of the Soulfire universe, ten thousand years in the past... a time when the wild magic was only beginning to be tapped. Beginnings is a brief look and introduction to Chaos Reign.

—Ron Black

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#1 Variation A

2 copies available from $1.99
Cover A - Marcus To, Peter Steigerwald; Cover A by Marcus ToJ.T. KrulMarcus To

#1 Variation B

1 copy available for $7.99
Cover B - Marcus To, Peter Steigerwald; Wizard World Philadelhia; Limited to 2500 copies; Cover B (Wizard World Philadelphia Exclusive); Wizard World Philadelphia 2006 ExclusiveJ.T. KrulMarcus To