Daemon Hunters

    (ADV Manga, 2004)
and 2002 Seiuchiroh Todono
Graphic novel; Reads right to left; B&W

Populated with angels, daemons, druids, mysterious guilds, and humans both ordinary and unusual, Daemon Hunters is a world that is never short for want of something happening. The storytelling, which has the feel of a Clint Eastwood western crossed with a Mortal Kombat movie, throws out a lot of information and a bounty of characters. Michael Largness is the thirteenth in a line of daemon hunters and an angel born into flesh (which may not be a good thing). A man of few words, he travels to the city of Naberius with companions Ruka and Maggie. Along the way, he battles demons and becomes embroiled in a plot involving the angels Lucifer and Gabriel.

Colin Chan

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 Seiurchiroh TodonoSeiurchiroh Todono