Scenario A

    (Antarctic, 1998)
™ and ©1998 David Hahn

Scenario A centers around the conflict between two secret organizations: RAIL, a vast military/economic secret empire (which uses the United Nations as its enforcer), and the ancient Order of Sekhmet, an Egyptian cult.

Serina Hollander, an agent for Sekhmet, was ordered to meet with Soj Kharkov, an Eastern Bloc arms dealer. Kharkov possessed a data card that Sekhmet wanted, but before Hollander could work a deal to get Kharkov to hand it over, a group of RAIL assassins intervened. Kharkov was killed in the struggle, but Hollander managed to retrieve the card anyway. On it was the location of a ship holding fifty tons of fake 100 dollar bills, which Iranian terrorists planned to smuggle into the U.S. Their goal: to cause the economic collapse of the United States by flooding it with counterfeit “superbills,” so good that they simply couldn’t be distinguished from the real thing.

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