A Fall Of Stardust

    (Green Man, 1999)

A combination of two chapbooks and 29 color pages based on the graphic novel Stardust, published to help Karen Shaffer and her husband Charles Vess with medical bills following Karenís car accident in July, 1998.

ó Bobb Waller

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ca. 1999Neil Gaiman, Susanna ClarkeWilliam Stout, Michael Mignola, Terri Windling, Bryan Talbot, Jill Thompson, Paul Chadwick, P. Craig Russell, Mark Crilley, Elizabeth Johns, Michael Zulli, Robin Mullins, Lisa Snellings, Terry Moore, Tony DiTerlizzi, Linda Medley, Lorenzo Mattotti, Zander Cannon, Dave McKean, Jeff Smith, Trina Robbins, Steve Leialoha, Gary Gianni, Janine Johnston, Stan Sakai, Michael W. Kaluta, Starwatcher Graphics, Rebecca Guay, Geoff Darrow, Brian Froud, Charles Vess