Deneth Skaag has been besieged for three generations. The only thing keeping the invaders at bay has been the prayers of the priests and a relic of Kan Xian. Together they form a shield that kills any invader that dares to pass through it. Now Morgana and Rosso have slipped past the shield, in part to offer their services to the current ruler, in reality, to recover the relic. While this would end the war, it would also doom the population of Deneth Skaag to death. Morgana is a trained warrior, but can she do what must be done for the good of all?

Alberti and Enoch’s tale of war and infiltration is translated from the French quite well. As we glimpse a bit of Morgana’s youth, we are slowly brought along to where she is now, perhaps understanding her path in life just a little bit better.

—Ron Black

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#1 Hardcover

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ca. 2007Alberti, EnochAlberti, Enoch