Shadowflame (Arcana)

    (Arcana, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Joe Martino

Creator Joe Martino clearly has nurtured the character of Shadowflame for a long time, as evidenced by the 1985 drawing of the character included in the first issue that appears to be rendered by a child’s hands. Twenty-two years later, the character makes his debut in a published comic from Arcana Studios. In this introductory miniseries, pacifist aliens bestow great power on former homicide detective Tom Wyatt so that he may prevent Earth’s destruction. Along the way, he must deal with local mobsters and superhuman mercenaries while learning the ropes.

— Colin Chan

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CA. 2007Joe MartinoJoe Martino


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Versus The Electrocutioner; ca. 2007Joe MartinoJoe Martino


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ca. 2007Joe MartinoNaser Subashi


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 Joe MartinoNaser Subashi

Book #1

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Collects Shadowflame (Arcana) #1-4; ca. 2010Joe MartinoJoe Martino, Naser Subashi, Rich Buckler, Mike Grell, Bob Layton, Andrew Buzz, Anthony Castrillo