Hack/Slash vs. Chucky

 HSVC   (Devilís Due, 2007)

ô and © 2007 Tim Seeley & ô and © 2007 Eric Larsen

Cassie and her partner Vlad have been fighting the supernatural long enough to gain a lengthy list of enemies. And one of those enemies has gotten her hands on a powerful amulet. This innocent-looking piece of jewelry once transferred the soul of a serial killer to the doll that would become known as Chucky. Now the amulet has been turned on Vlad, leaving him in a burnt, weakened body while a deranged woman uses his impressive strength and stamina. Unfortunately, Chucky holds the key to performing the voodoo ritual that can put things right. And as much as Cassie hates to admit it, she canít do it without him. That doesnít mean she wonít be out for possessed-toy blood the moment the mission is accomplished, though.

ó Lorie Witkop

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#1 Variation A

No copies available
Cover A by Tim SeelyTim SeeleyMatt Merhoff

#1 Variation B

1 copy available for $39.99
Cover B by Tone Rodriguez & Jean Francois BeaulieuTim SeeleyMatt Merhoff

#1 Variation C

1 copy available for $5.00
Cover C by Chris MorenoTim SeeleyMatt Merhoff