UNIQ   (Platinum, 2007)

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Jon Geoffries is used to sleepless nights full of strange dreams and somnambulism. His day job in accounting isn’t much better: he’s just discovered a multi-million dollar scam being perpetrated by his bosses, and now they’re setting him up to take the fall. Jon’s desperate for any kind of escape he can find—and what he finds is a parallel Earth. Jon discovers that he’s a “unique,” a being that, instead of having counterparts in every reality like most people, exists in only one universe. As an added bonus, Jon has the ability to travel between these universes, with the potential to exploit his uniqueness, although Jon has no idea how to control this travel.

The cosmology of this series is very similar to that of DC Comics’ Silver Age Infinite Earths, with a little bit of Bizarro World thrown in, as the world Jon finds himself in is in many ways the opposite of our own. Still, the plotting is very interesting, and the art, colored and shadowed by computer, really adds to the ominous feeling that makes this series so compelling.

— Eric Garneau

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