Blade (4th Series)

 BR2G   (Marvel, 2002)

™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

A vampire masquerading as a doctor was at an expectant mother’s bedside during a painful labor. The vampire named Deacon Frost took her life but as she died Blade was born. Since his youth, he has been determined to avenge her death. But Frost’s fatal attack gave Blade something else too. It immunized him against the effects of vampire bites. Blade devoted his life to the pursuit of the Undead and became a vampire hunter. In the beginning he labored alone, and later as the leader of a group of vampire hunters. Alone again, Blade continues his relentless war with a single objective—eradicate the scourge of vampirism! His weapon of choice: perfectly balanced teakwood knives. This incarnation of Blade has more in common with the original version than the character created in the successful movie of the same name.

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