Fiendish Fables

 FIEF   (Brain Scan, 2007)

and 2007 Brain Scan Studios Inc.

This horror anthology title purports to be inspired by the classic horror comics that defined the genre. You know, stories about vampire horses and brain-eating children. Calling these stories fables seems entirely the result of wanting alliterative title. Fables usually have a moral or point to express but these stories are largely one-note narratives that serve to deliver the expected bad-end to the main character. The art, from a variety of individuals, is wildly divergent but at least most exhibit an understanding of storytelling even if the story itself has no payoff. George Haberberger

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B&WJohn Schlim Jr., William Ward, Samir Goel, Dirk ManningDavid Wachter, Joel Cotejar, John Fortune, Josh Taylor, Ayhan Hayrula, Alan Tham, John Shaffer, Sergio Quijada, Bradd Mielke, Sergio Lantadilla, Nelz Yumul, Jason Jam