Prey: Origin of the Species

    (Marvel, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Michael Lent

Perhaps the reason “Jaws” struck a chord with so many moviegoers (and readers of the original novel) is that we all have a fear of the unknown lying beneath the ocean’s surface. This story touches on those nightmares in its tale of a powerful corporation that inadvertently releases an undiscovered predator, then tries to either fix its mistake—or cover it up. As marine biologist Cloyce Witticker tries to solve the mystery, the fear is that the threat won’t be eliminated, but made even more dangerous.

This story mixes horror and science fiction in a way that would make Michael Crichton proud, or at least enable him to recognize his influence. Mike Raicht and Alex Sanchez adapt Michael Lent’s screenplay.

— Andy Richardson

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Trade paperbackMichael Lent, Mike RaichtAlex Sanchez, Bong Dazo