Wonder Woman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told

    (DC, 2007)
™ and © 2007 DC Comics, Inc.

(from the publisher)

The greatest adventures of the world’s most renowned super-heroine are collected in one volume for the first time. From her beginnings in the early 1940s to today’s epics, these are the stories that made Wonder Woman a comic book legend. Included in this anthology are Wonder Woman’s origin story, plus her epic battles with the Cheetah, Dr. Psycho and others.

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Reprints Sensation Comics #1, Wonder Woman (1st Series) #28, 99, 108, 163, 178, 214, 286, Wonder Woman (2nd Series) #20, 170, and Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth #1Paul Dini, William Moulton Marston, Robert Kanigher, Denny O’Neil, Elliot S! Maggin, George Pérez, Phil JimenezAlex Ross, Harry G. Peter, Ross Andru, Mike Sekowsky, Curt Swan, Jose Delbo, George Pérez, Phil Jimenez