BLIQ   (Henry Holt, 2007)

™ and © 2007 Kevin C. Pyle

From the Publisher:
Dean and his friends enjoy a paradise of freedom in the woods behind their suburban housing development. There they create an army fantasy in which Dean is the daring captain leading his friends through the episodes of intrigue and danger.

But no fantasy can last forever. A run-in with a homeless man in the woods snaps the boys back to reality, and little by little the real world pervades their imagined universe and drives them apart. Dean struggles on his own to reconcile his childhood interests and desires with the harsher reality of the adult world.

This beautifully drawn and candidly written story offers an honest glimpse into the inner life of a boy coming of age—whether he’s ready or not.

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ca. 2007Kevin C. PyleKevin C. Pyle