Free Comic Book Day (Virgin)

    (Virgin, 2007-2008)
™ and © 2007 Virgin Comics LLC

The industry’s annual Free Comic Book Day serves a dual purpose. Not only does it give back to the fans who support the industry, in the form of free comics, but it also promotes the work of smaller publishers who might otherwise go unnoticed. Today’s recipient of a free book may be tomorrow’s clientele. This one-shot collects the first few pages of several different Virgin titles, featuring the powerful warrior woman Devi, the psychic wanderer Ian, and the beginnings of a pair of epic adventures.

Readers may have little choice but to seek out the comic—Devi, Walk In, and others—that continue these stories, featuring thoughtful writing and strikingly eye-pleasing art. Creators include Deepak Chopra, Dave Stewart, and Mukesh Singh, under a lovely Alex Ross cover.

— Andy Richardson

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Free Comic Book Day #2007

3 copies available from $5.99
Features Ramayan 3392 A.D., The Sadhu, Walk In, Devi,Shamik Dasgupta, Gotham Chopra, Jeff Parker, Siddharth KotianAbhishek Singh, R. Manikandan, Ashish Padlekar, Mukesh Singh

Free Comic Book Day #2008

3 copies available from $0.99
Free Comic Book Day 2008; Dan Dare/The Stranded flipbook; Spotlight on ShaktiGarth Ennis, Mike Carey, Shamik DasguptaGary Erskine, Siddharth Kotian, Jeevan Kang