LULL   (Ande Rummel, 2006)

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Technically, this isn’t a comic book yet, because it’s a preview that isn’t for sale — but what a talent is Ande Rummel! Holy cow, I was just blown away by this little sample. Normally, I wouldn’t review this stuff, but Rummel is a find. Both stories in Lullaby (not to be confused with the series Lullaby coming out from Image) have no dialogue but they convey lots of story.

The first, “The Snake and the Woman,” is a take on the old tale about the woman saving a poisonous snake from the cold and nursing it back to health. The second story, “Queen Bee,” is a funny scene involving a careless fairy and a frog. Finally, there is a one-pager story, “Apple,” involving an old woman, a young woman, and a poisoned apple.

The art is awesome and reminded me of Adam Hughes. Publishers, scoop this guy up now. Rummel’s art would look amazing redesigning one of the old standards. He deserves his own book.

–Tony DiGerolamo

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Ashcan #1

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