Men of Mystery Golden Age Grand Slam

 MOMP   (AC, 2007)

Most of the super-heroes of yesteryear have long since been forgotten—although not by AC Comics. This collection reprints the adventures of some of those Golden Age heroes, shedding new light on characters like Manhunter, the Doll Man, Bulletman, and Torchy. While their stories may have faded away with the 1940s, their similarities (or influence) can still be seen today, on the heroes and titles who survived a little longer.

Square-jawed supermen, sniveling villains, voluptuous women, and occasionally gruesome monsters and faithful sidekicks—they’re all here in this collection. The clean lines of artists like the legendary Lou Fine and John Spranger are a welcome sight when compared to some of the densely textured art common in later eras.

— Andy Richardson

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ca. 2007 John Spranger, Bill Ward, Ken Battefield, Henry Fletcher, Ernie Schroder, H.G. Hargis, Louis K. Fine, John Dixon