PHIK   (Arcana, 2007)

™ and © Arcana Studio

The Trio are far from being the “world’s greatest heroes”—in fact, they’re not even in the top ten when it comes to world-saving super-hero teams. Though their hearts and intentions are in the right place, their best efforts (and that’s a rare event) seldom turn out as they plan.

Brick is the leader, and the powerhouse of the group. He’s also generally the most responsible: Firestarter’s flame powers are unbeatable—when he’s sober, that is—and Quik is the fastest slacker you’ll ever meet.
But these three will be forced to get their act together soon, before their town (check the title) goes to Hell around them: as if a series of brutal cop-killings isn’t enough to handle, a rash of power-popping addicts are literally burning themselves out with drug-induced abilities, but not before going on super-powered rampages!

— Joseph Self

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ca. 2007Ryan McClellanJim Hanna, Ralph Hedon, Jim Reddington