(Dark Horse, 2003)
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Hereís another intentionally rough-edged comic book in the Rocket line that raises the question: Why is it always the middle-class white kid that gets picked up by aliens to join them on cosmic adventures?

Itís answered with Heath and the inner-city world he should be happy to leave behind, except that this band of aliens doesnít seem to have his best interests at heart. These so-called ďambassadors of genocideĒ look like characters from a fighting game whoíve†done a couple of tours in íNam.

As itís become predictable these days, Galactic #1 is all set-up, but itís very strong set-up; Jim Krueger makes readers care about the characters, and the art by Sanford Greene may be a little rough and raw, but itís also effective and makes for a good marriage to the material. Once again, hereís a comic book that might actually appeal to a kid, if you could somehow put one in his or her hands.

ó S.A. Bennett

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