(Bloodfire, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Matt Olson

Intergalactic takes place at an undisclosed time in the far future, where the entire universe—including Earth—is now run by corporations. It stars Alyssia Sentropy, a genetically engineered corporate espionage warrior who looks something like an elf from the game World of Warcraft wearing Han Solo’s clothes and carrying the Terminator’s arsenal. In the course of this series, Alyssia gets caught up in corporate war on a galaxy-threatening scale, and has to do battle with beings from all across the cosmos who want to see her own corporation brought down. Creator Matt Olson, who provides both scripts and pencils for the book, instills it with a great sense of adventure and, more importantly, humor, making this book a lot of fun to read, whether he’s creating places like the “ nebula” or having his main character wax intellectually that once corporations took over Earth “[international] borders began to vanish quicker than cucumbers in a women’s prison.”

— Eric Garneau

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