Thunderhead Underground Falls

 THUF   (Alternative, 2007)

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Shortly after a college student named Jack signs up to join the army, but before leaving for boot camp, he meets a spirited, creative co-ed named Lara. Though they only have a short time to spend together, they make the most of it, and Lara opens Jack's eyes to the quirky side of a mundane world. Lara reminds Jack of childhood dreams and soon he is wondering if the army life will change him in ways he canít predict, and change his perception of the pleasant things in the landscape around him. With only a small amount of prodding from Lara, Jack realizes that he has an obligation to his old wishes, just as strong a promise as heís made to the army, and takes Lara with him on a journey that will be the end of his childhood, and the last door he needs to close before basic training. Written and drawn by Joel Orff, Thunderhead Underground Falls is an endearing tale of love, friendship, and enjoying life.

ó Jennifer McGinnis

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