Koni Waves Demonslayer

    (Arcana, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Arcana Studio

Koni Waves is an exotic dancer who became a cop who then became a private detective. Set in Hawaii, she and her surfing buddy Pete, walk the supernatural beat on the island, which is apparently rife with demons and angry ancient gods. Jaclyn Hayes is an archeologist from Boston who, lost in the Himalayan Mountains, was rescued and trained by Tibetan monks to fight demons. She is known as Demonslayer and her costume would make Vampirella blush.

This title brings these two experts on the supernatural together along with a third woman known as Genesis. Genesis and Demonslayer get into catfight that is only marginally the result of Genesis being possessed by the God of Darkness, currently trapped in a Tiki carving.

The art is serviceable but its real task is displaying women with prodigious proportions. The plot is clichéd and the dialogue alternates between obvious exposition and wise cracks. The Hawaiian setting is the only unconventional element in an otherwise vapid concept.

— George Haberberger

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ca. 2007Mark PoultonStephen Sistilli, Dexter Weeks

#1 Variation B

No copies available
Wizard World Chicago 2007 Windy City Showdown Exclusive. Limited to 50.; Signed by Mark Poulton, Marat Mychaels, & Matthew Swift; ca. 2007Mark PoultonStephen Sistilli