Ninja High School: 20th Anniversary Class Reunion Special

 NHS7   (Antarctic, 2007)

and 2007 Ben Dunn & Robby Bevard

A forefather of more recent manga-style American comics, Ninja High School is an amalgamation of some of the most compelling and some of the wackiest features of its Japanese inspiration. Featuring an extensive cast of characters, the series presents everything from an alien skunk girl (because really, the manga world has too many cat girls and bunny girls) to combat cheerleading squads while series like Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh are skewered. But its not all fun and games. The series also knows when to tug on the heartstrings or stage an epic battle. Relive the past 20 years of action, comedy, and romance with cover galleries, plot summaries, and creator commentary.

Lorie Witkop

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Includes Cover GalleryBen Dunn, Robby BevardBen Dunn