Sire Revelations

    (AfterShock, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Michael Dolce

The follow-up to After Shock Comic’s original The Sire three-issue mini-series, The Sire: Revelations looks at main character Donald Wright a few months after his original adventure as a new super-hero named the Sire. The twist with this particular hero is that his costume, composed of a strange alien energy, is actually in control of him—it tells him where to go and who to fight, and causes him great pain if he does not obey. With each successive battle Donald learns more about his costume, but he still doesn’t know why he must do what he does—but maybe he’s about to find out.

In this new mini-series, Donald learns that his costume is powered by the same source which powers his arch-enemy, the Siphon, and that the two are just pawns in a larger scheme by the US government to harness this alien power for themselves. So it is that, like all great tortured superheroes, the Sire has a lot on his plate: can he work with his sworn enemy? Can he really trust or control his powers? Can he keep his loved ones safe? Creator Michael Dolce is sure to have an engaging and entertaining answer for us.

— Eric Garneau

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ca. 2007Michael DolceDan Leister, Will Torres

#1 Variation A

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Hero Initiative sketch variant; ca. 2007Michael DolceDan Leister, Will Torres


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Razor Sharp #0 flipbook included (B&W); ca. 2007Michael Dolce, Marcus PerryJose Holder, Jeff Henderson


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 Michael Dolce, Marcus PerryJose Holder, Jeff Henderson