Beneath the Valley of the Rage (Robert Kurtzman’s…)

    (Fangoria, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Fangoria Entertainment

Doctor Vasilienko was a preeminent scientist who vowed at the graves of his parents to discover a cure for cancer. When he did, he was imprisoned in a mental institution while his superiors in the Russian government sold his work. He escaped and fled to Guatemala with KBG agents in pursuit. As this story opens, Vasilienko is again confined to an asylum where he has been persuaded to tell his captors the origins of a deadly mutating virus he created that may be the next step in germ warfare. It is a story with shocking and nauseating details that begins with Vasileinko’s visit to a carnival freakshow.

This title from horror filmmaker Robert Kurtzman is a prequel to his movie, The Rage. The Rage is a no-holds-barred, example of movies that relish in bloody and gruesome depictions of torture and death. Fans of that genre should appreciate this comic, which is the print equivalent.

— George Haberberger

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Prequel to Robert Kurtzman’s movie, “The Rage”Robert Kurtzman, John BissonStephen Thompson

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Prequel to Robert Kurtzman’s movie, “The Rage”; Nightmare Noir Edition variantRobert Kurtzman, John BissonStephen Thompson


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 Robert Kurtzman, John BissonStephen Thompson


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 Robert Kurtzman, John BissonStephen Thompson