Fathom: Killian’s Vessel (Michael Turner’s…)

    (Aspen, 2007)
™ and © Aspen MLT, Inc.

Killian is one stone cold killer. A water breather, he detests the surface world, slaughtered a sub full of innocent sailors, and even murdered his own brother back in the day. But Anya loves him anyway. Now Killian is on the run from surface military forces attempting to bring him to justice. Tracking him across half the world, Anya must find Killian and try to stop him from self-destructing. Through his violence and her unconditional love, they come to realize that the only thing they have left in the world is each other.

This one-shot special reveals background secrets from the original Killian’s Tide series.

— Jerry Smith

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#1 Variation A

3 copies available from $1.75
Blue cover with two figuresVince HernandezRyan Odagawa

#1 Variation B

4 copies available from $1.25
Red cover with one figureVince HernandezRyan Odagawa

#1 Variation C

No copies available
Aspen cover; Wizard World Philadelphia V.I.P. exclusive edition of 1500Vince HernandezRyan Odagawa