Lost Raven

    (Bluewater, 2007)
™ and © Bluewater Comics

Attorney Zak Raven is a man with too many problems. When his HIV test results come back positive, Zak sets out to cruise the world on his sailboat. When he crash lands on a mysterious island (the ocean must be full of them), he wakes up surrounded by monsters of all shapes and sizes. Zak struggles to survive, unaware that he is trespassing on a secret government facility and the monsters are failed genetic experiments. Pegged a liability by the island’s military brass in their underground bunker, Zak finds himself a hunted man, fighting for survival every minute. His only friend is a female scientist in the bunker, moved by his plight and willing to bend her orders to help him. But even if she can save his life, can Zak escape the island—or come to terms with his disease?

— Jerry Smith

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 Darren G. DavisRenato Arlem, Sean Murphy