Blazin’ Brandy

 BOJJ   (Scrap Pictures, 2007-2008)

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It is 1717 in London. Young Alice Brandy is betrothed to the Duke of Newcastle. But this is an arranged marriage and Alice has decided that she would rather not be the Duchess of Newcastle. This is a decision she is not allowed to make so she steals aboard a ship bound for the New World.

Three weeks out, the ship is attacked by pirates. In the ensuing battle Alice jumps over-board into a wooden crate and succumbs to unconsciousness. When she wakes, she has truly come to a New World.

Finding herself on a strange uncharted island populated by a variety of unusual creatures, Alice Brandy has become Blazin’ Brandy, possibly because of her willingness to employ the flintlocks she carries.

Blazin’ Brandy is the creation of writer Leslie Kainsel and artist Stephanie Lesniak, who employs a distinctive woodcut-like illustration style. Visual clues, such as the absence of pupils in Brandy’s eyes after she arrives on the island, indicate a change in the character’s personality. Alice in Wonderland appears to have been an influence due to the anthropomorphic caterpillars and fantasy-like environment of the island, to say nothing of her name.

— George Haberberger

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