The Foxwood Falcons

    (After Hours, 2007)
™ and © 2007 After Hours

When author Darren Sanchez couldn’t sell his novel, he did what any enterprising comics fan would do—he turned it into a comic!

Mythology speaks of many magical artifacts from cultures around the world. It’s the job of the magical Guardians to collect these artifacts and store them safely in what they call the Vault, where they can’t be used for nefarious purposes. When 13 year-old Robbie Wise finds out his father has died in a mysterious plane crash, he also discovers he is a Guardian. And it’s his turn to step up and protect the Vault. With a group of misfit friends he calls occasionally for help, collectively known as the Foxwood Falcons, it’s up to Robbie to save himself, his town—and possibly the world.

— Jerry Smith

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 Darren SanchezMathew Tow