Transformers: The Best of Don Figueroa

    (Idea + Design Works, 2007)
™ and © Idea + Design Works

From the Publisher:

In 2002, long-time Transformers fan Don Figueroa was tapped to illustrate a new title, Transformers: The War Within. Based long before the G1 Transformers came to Earth, Figueroa was asked to design new alternate modes for the ‘bots, and did so with such skill that fans began to demand War Within toys, which were later delivered as the Transformers: Titanium line.

With the success of his first project, Figueroa was soon illustrating other Transformers titles, and this prolific talent has only grown since then, tackling different characters and designs on projects as diverse as Transformers: Beast Wars, Transformers: Stormbringer, Transformers: The Animated Movie, and most recently the official Transformers: Movie Prequel.

This collection of stories, spanning the length of Figueroas’s fan-praised career—along with never-seen-before sketch work from his epic Transformers 20th Anniversary Lithograph and an assortment of hand-picked covers—truly represents The Best of Don Figueroa.

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#1 Hardcover

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Includes signed printSimon Furman, Brad Mick, Chris Ryall, Adam PatykDon Figueroa