Transformers: The Best of Simon Furman

    (Idea + Design Works, 2007)
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From the Publisher:

Since 1985, Simon Furman has been chronicling the comic book adventures of The Transformers in its many incarnations, from early U.K. adventures to the Transformers: Beast Wars and beyond.

While often building on the previously established Transformers continuity, Furman was responsible for adding an extra pseudo-religious sensibility to the series, giving Transformers a new and more epic—some may call it sophisticated—feel. Tans responded in kind, propelling Transformers comics to the top of the sales charts, and ensuring Furman’s involvement with any future Transformers comics publisher.

This collection of stories, spanning the length of Furman’s prolific career—along with his original Transformers: Infiltration pitch and several script-to-finished-page comparisons—truly represents The Best of Simon Furman.

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#1 Hardcover

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 Simon FurmanJeff Anderson, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Wildman, Geoff Senior, Derek Yaniger, Don Figueroa, Nick Roche, E.J. Su