Black Metal

    (Oni, 2007, 2011)
™ and © 2007 Oni Press

From the Publisher:

Shawn and Sam Stronghand are misunderstood twins with a mysterious lineage and a penchant for the darkest of metal. Plagued by the daily grind of normalcy—junior high, shopping trips to the mall, and annoying little brothers—the boys strive to separate themselves from the bland world that surrounds them and stay true to the blackness in their souls. When they acquire the new Frost Axe album, their darkest dreams come true and their grim destiny is revealed: they are the Roth, King of the Goblins of Hell and Heir to the Underworld.

Empowered by the legendary Sword of Atoll, the kids are determined to thrash and wail on all the demons, goblins, and nasties that stand in their way. As they fight to fulfill the ancient prophecy and regain their rightful position as Hell Baron of the Pit. Loud, fast, and heavy like the music that in spired it, Black Metal combines youth rebellion, ancient myth, and a healthy dose of adventure for tale of truly epic proportions.

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