One Missed Call 1 + 2

    (Dark Horse, 2007)
™ and © Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Many horror films are imports from original Japanese productions. A good number of these can also be found in manga editions. This volume collects both One Missed Call and One Missed Call 2.

The story focuses on a group mysterious deaths involving calls from the victims’ own phones—from the future! (Ooh… spooky!) In addition to gruesome deaths, it has many elements in common with such works as Ringu and Tomie, among these a curse, teenaged victims, and some danged scary kids.

There’s a fairly large cast of characters running around here and, occasionally, the reader must do a double take to see who’s who, saying or doing what. The art does not always distinguish between characters as clearly as one might hope.

If one is a fan of J-horror, then this should hit home. It has all the typical earmarks of the genre. If it’s just a passing fancy, this may not be the strongest example. In short, if you loved Ringu, you’ll like One Missed Call. If you liked Ringu, here’s more—just not as good.

— Jack Abramowitz

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 Yasushi AkimotoMayumi Shihou