More Than Mortal (Avatar)

 MTM9   (Avatar, 2007)

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In ancient Ireland, the battle between Man and the Dark Faeries has raged for decades, with both the Celtic Gods and good Faeries having long since abandoned Mankind to its fate.

When it seems that the supernatural horde may finally achieve their ultimate victory, Druids call upon the mystical spirit of the very Land itself! Miraculously, their spell gives birth to a magical guardian embodying the very essence of their nation—beauty, strength, independence—in the form of a mighty warrior, Brigid the Protector.

An elemental manifestation of Ireland’s spirit, Brigid is both part of and bound to the land of her birth. But imbued by the spell with the soul of a dead Irish lass, she is also bound to Humanity. As she battles against the evil forces still threatening her homeland, will her human soul be her downfall, or her greatest weapon?

— Joseph Self

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