Phage: Shadow Death (Neil Gaiman’s…)

    (Big, 1996)
™ and © Big Entertainment

A monstrously huge building, three miles high, moves across the surface of the planet Kalighoul, procuring supplies and capturing people to toil in its belly. This mobile city of over a million is called Teknophage. It is the headquarters of the diabolical Henry Phage, a lizard-like creature from another world who rules this city with tyrannical methods, which including gutting and devouring anyone foolish enough to rebel.

His position of power is perpetuated through the apathetic depravity of the aristocratic class, who are content to allow Phage his reign as long as their venal and materialistic lives are unaffected. The continuing enslavement of people brews a popular desire for Phage’s death, but he is invulnerable to any weapon native to Kalighoul. Then, a freedom fighter named Orlando Holmes and his cache of off-world weapons gives Phage a taste of the kind of fear that the working class endures.

— George Haberberger

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#1 Ashcan Edition

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6 page preview of issue #1 from Capital City Distribution; B&WBryan TalbotDavid Pugh


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