Black Canary Wedding Planner

    (DC, 2007)

Black Canary and Green Arrow are getting married! Or maybe not. Between stopping bank robberies, spying on the mafia, and her work with the Justice League, Black Canary is having a hard time getting the event put together. And yet she’s determined to be the modern woman and plan it all herself, stubbornly refusing to hire a wedding planner. Can their wedding be saved? Will they find a venue appropriate for their crime-fighting friends, one with plenty of phone booths and broom closets in case of an emergency? Can Black Canary even pick out a dress? This light-hearted issue is full of cute full-page spreads masquerading as ads and jokes about the stress of planning any wedding. Story by J. Torres, and art by Lee Furguseon, Karl Story and Christine Norrie.

— Jennifer McGinnis

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 J. TorresLee Ferguson, Karl Story, Christine Norrie